lunast asked:

"My name is CHLOR, actually. Not Chlora. Raise your prices or I'll unleash spider clowns on your bed. Goddammit Padger GG good stream everybody go home now. Asa is a cutie. Why are artists so afraid of money. Thanks for being my friend hEY NO IT'S #Chlorameanie not #Chlorasoftie I AM SO TOUGH AND MANLY and no I'm not gay I'm ~metrosexual~. Bless Gabbi. I hate nurses. I hate old people. I hate humans grrr HERE HAVE A SHITTON OF GAMES >:D vodka vodka smoke break vodka 12 hour work shifts vodka."

chloraloner answered:

You effin’ jester.

And I’m too slovenly to be metrosexual. I trim my nails with a utility blade.


This is beautiful